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Vets on Wheels to Save the Day

Mobile Vet in Dothan, AL

Family pets are fantastic. They are your dependable companion in the different phases of your life. They are your best friends and they love having you around as much as you enjoy having them around. And just like family, household pets need to be cherished. They have to be taken care of. They require us a lot more than we are in need of them.

Instead of the hospital or doctor, your felines and canines need to be brought to the vet on a regular basis. Disregarding to do so may compromise the overall health and wellness of your pet cat or dog. Most people love their household pet. They like their pets to be healthy and lively. While there are numerous veterinarian clinics in Dothan, AL, they may be too far from your residence or you might be too occupied at work that you have no time at all to bring your family pet to the vet.

We Come To You!

Furthermore, some pet owners find it tough to make time off their work, social responsibilities, and chores to take their animals to the vet. There is also the need to travel from your house to the clinic. This is specifically problematic if you are sharing a car with somebody and you do not always have easy access to it.

That’s not actually the worst part. Often, what makes it tough to bring your pet is your pet itself, which is normally the case if the dog or cat is seriously sick and in grief. These, however, need not stop you from having a veterinarian take a look at your household pets.

We understand how important your best friend is to you. That is why we offer mobile vet services in Dothan, Alabama.

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Meeting the Expectations of Pet Parents

We understand the typical concerns of pet parents. Entrusting your dog or cat to another may bring you worry. But, you can put those woes to sleep. All you have to do is contact us, and we will be right in your house shortly. Don’t have to take your pet on a stress-filled trip.

Animal emergency situations do happen, so to help the residents at time like this, Mobile veterinarian Dothan, AL has been established. There’s no necessity to waste time, money and effort! You can just basically wait at home, sit back and reduce the stress of your household pet brought about by traveling.

In some cases, it is such a hassle to have your pets ready for a journey to the vet. There are also cats that take a while to get comfortable throughout the ride to the vet. This is where the mobile veterinarian facility save the day! You do not need to be stressed by these scenarios and simply see to it that your family pet is relax and await his vet to arrive.

We are here to help and make it convenient for you. No need for you to visit our vet center. With our mobile veterinary services, we are on hand to deliver vet solutions to Dothan people.

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Just What Can You Get Out of our Mobile Animal Clinic in Dothan, Alabama?

Our mobile facility is hygienic, sanitized and refreshing. It is outfitted with all the things that you’ll require for your pets. You will experience as if you are in an actual stationary clinic, but feel much better in a moving one because here, you are given complete attention and allowed to ask your questions freely.

We provide antibiotics, vaccines, deworming syrups and other top quality medications, along with hydrated drinks. We also have bottles of dextrose and syringes for emergencies. On top of that, we can groom your household pet, since we are equipped with grooming supplies.

Our mobile clinic is operated by licensed professionals, and headed by a mobile animal vet. Our mobile veterinarian is certified by the state and will be able to serve your household pet with the care that they require. He can even perform critical surgical treatment given that the mobile facility has surgical tools.

Basically, our mobile vet clinic can supply practically all the things that a common center provides, except that we can bring emergency services right where you stay.

Call Us (866) 760-1461

Birmingham - Hoover, AL Metro Area

veterinarians examining maltese dog at vet clinic

Allow Us to Be of Service to You

It is an on-call service where you will be quickly inquired about your home address so we can go to your location. Our mobile services are accessible from 10am to 6pm daily.

One crucial service that our mobile pet clinic provides is disease prevention. Because of the ease we provide, you will have the opportunity to have more frequent checkups done for your beloved pets. This could be particularly helpful if your family pet’s breed is susceptible to certain health issues.

How can you benefit from an on-call service?

  • We will offer useful advice regarding ways to take care of your pet
  • Our expertise regarding zoonotic diseases (and other illnesses that affect household pets) will be extremely handy
  • The micro-chipping services can be perfect for pet owners with aggressive and wily pets
  • Regular (and perhaps, more frequent) check-ups for disease prevention will be convenient

As a Pet Parent, What Exactly Should You Do?

As a household pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pet at ease as we get to you. Keep close to them as much as you can. Allow them to drink a lot of fluid, if they wish to.

If your household pet is showing evidences of sluggishness, restlessness, agitation, fatigue, aggression, or any odd response, there could be something not right. Contact us. You and your beloved pet can simply sit down and await us to show up. In this case, the best choice is to keep your pet dog or cat hydrated and calm. Trust that we will get there to assist you in whatever problem there is with your pet.

With this innovative approach, we deliver convenient access to pet care services to residents of Dothan and neighboring communities, your pet’s health and life can be safeguarded. Your household pets will get the treatment they need in a prompt fashion, which can spare them from a lot of distress and discomfort, or even save their lives. Just simply call us and our staff will quickly assist you out.

Our mobile veterinarian professional services are formed to accommodate various type of pet concerns. Whether or not it is minor or complicated, we will get to it.

a sick dog
lady vet giving dog a shot

Healthy Pets = Satisfied Pets

Pets grow old faster than people, which is the unfortunate reality. Their overall health condition could rapidly turn in just a short few months.

You can help to keep them happy and healthy for a longer period if you ensure that they get proper care and medical attention. That is precisely what our mobile vet clinic in Dothan is for.

Our personnel and vets are dedicated to protecting your beloved pet’s life. We’ve assisted many grateful household pet owners and we await helping you too. We often go above and beyond when we render pet care services.

One checkup may not be sufficient to restore your household pet’s overall health. We may suggest follow-up checkups based on the condition of your pet and his treatment program, as well as our clinic schedule.

If the hotlines are occupied, you can still find several mobile vet facilities in Dothan that you can get in touch with in this website. Give us a call today to secure the health and well-being of your household pet!

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