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Vets on Wheels to Save the Day

Mobile Vet in Waterbury, CT

Pets are great pals. They enjoy having you close-by as much as you love having them around. And just like family, household pets need to be valued. They need to be cared for. Like human beings, family pets can get sick too. Which is why they too require grooming and medical treatments.

As a responsible family pet owner, you will need to take them to the veterinarian for routine checks, because neglecting their health might shorten their lifespan. Overlooking their wellness and failing to bring them to the veterinarian might be tantamount to a shorter life span for your beloved dog or cat. All pet owners love their household pet. They want their pets to be healthy and happy. However lots of pet owners might find it tough to perform this essential care routine, given that pet centers in Waterbury, Connecticut may be too far from their houses.

We Come To You!

Some household pet owners find it challenging to manage a job, chores, and social commitments. There is also the requirement to make a journey from your home to the vet. This is specifically bothersome if you are sharing a vehicle with somebody and you don’t always have access to it.

That’s not yet the worst part. Often, what makes it difficult to bring your household pet is your pet itself, which is generally the case if the dog or cat is seriously sick and in grief. These, however, should not prevent you from having a veterinarian take a look at your pets.

With mobile vet solutions, practitioners will examine your family pet’s health at a hassle-free location for you and for your family pet.

mobile vet holding chihuahua

Mobile Vet Services Are Here

Our mobile veterinarian clinic is available for pet owners in Waterbury and other surrounding locations who are in search for professional medical and grooming services for their pets. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will be right in your house within minutes. Don’t have to take your pet on a stress-filled journey.

With our mobile vet clinic, you can experience these conveniences. You can save on money, time, and energy that you would otherwise spend on driving your pooch to a vet clinic; you conveniently stand by right in the conveniences of home.

If your family pet gets distressed or takes a long time to get comfortable riding in a car, don’t worry. This is where the mobile veterinarian facility save the day! You do not have to be troubled by these circumstances and simply make sure that your pet is relax and wait for his veterinarian to show up.

If you are an incredibly occupied person, or there is a great need for you to remain at home for long periods, our mobile animal clinic will be a convenient option for you. We are here to assist and make it easy for you. No need for you to visit our clinic. Our mobile vet services is here and we are on hand to provide vet solutions to Waterbury residents.

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Are Waterbury Mobile Vets and Clinics Dependable?

Our mobile facility is hygienic, sanitized and innovative. It is fitted with all the things that you’ll need for your pets. You will experience as if you are in an actual stationary center, but feel great in a moving one simply because here, you are provided complete attention and free to seek advise from the vet.

What can the mobile vet clinic do?

  • Address emergency cases immediately
  • Deliver dextrose supplies and syringes
  • Supply antibiotics, deworming solutions, vaccines, hydrated fluids, and other high quality medicines
  • Offer grooming equipment

Your household pets will be examined and administered by accredited and certified specialists that consist of a state-licensed vet. Our crew can handle even emergency pet care needs.

Our clinic runs very much like the usual bricks and mortar clinic. It provides medical equipment and surgical tools. However, the beauty of this clinic sits in its ability to take care of urgent cases in the locality.

Call Us (866) 760-1461

Bridgeport - Stamford - Norwalk, CT Metro Area

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Don’t Wait! Call Us!

Our veterinarian clinic provides on-call services. After providing your address, we will go to your house instantly. You can give us a call daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Our mobile vet facility likewise provides micro-chipping solutions. This is essentially beneficial if you have dogs or cats that likely to run away. By doing this, it can help you monitor them without eliminating their free-spirited nature.

Our mobile veterinarian clinic also assists in disease prevention. With the ease we provide, you can have the required exams done on your furry friends as often as needed. This is especially essential for owners who have puppies or those who take care of species prone to lots of health issues.

Apart from examining pets, we will share ideas on the best ways to take care of household pets. We will offer expert advice on disease-prevention, too! We want to leave no stones unturned, so throw your questions and we will provide with clear explanations.

Things to Do When Your Family Pet Requires Help

Some things beyond your control can still harm your beloved pet, no matter how responsible you might be as an animal owner. These consist of infections, disorders, and hemorrhage. Your beloved pet might also suffer from dehydration and exhaustion.

Once you give us a call, our skillful mobile veterinarians will be there. Your role as a pet owner is to keep a calm spirit. Count on us to be in your house in a just a moment, when the traffic condition is good. We will assist your family pets feel better, and address whatever health condition they may be suffering.

With the innovative way we provide convenient access to animal care services to citizens of Waterbury and nearby cities, your household pet’s health and life can be safeguarded. You might spare your household pet a lot of pain and distress if you promptly get the services of our mobile veterinarian clinic. What you need to do is call.

We guarantee that our mobile team will do their absolute best to provide your household pets the medical treatment and health care they require. This way, they can get on with their normal activities, and be lively once again.

a sick dog
lady vet giving dog a shot

Enable Your Pets to Age Gladly

It’s actually a sad truth knowing that our household pets age much faster than humans. Their health and wellness can degrade rapidly in just a few short months.

You would like them to stay happy and strong as long as possible. This is achievable if they are provided the right medical care and attention. That is what our mobile veterinarian center in Waterbury is for.

Our entire group of veterinarians and personnel are committed to keeping your pet’s productive life. We have actually assisted many grateful pet owners and we ‘d want to help you likewise. We usually go the extra mile when we render pet care services.

Our mobile veterinarians Waterbury, CT services do not stop with just one visit. We may suggest follow-up checkups based upon the condition of your pet and his treatment program, along with our center schedule.

We have a number of mobile facilities in Waterbury and nearby areas that you can call. Call us today and let us help you and your pets.

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