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Services Offered by a House Call Vet

Caring for your pets when they are sick can be tough. This is mainly due to the fact that pets cannot tell you why they feel sick. What makes it even tougher is when your pet won’t budge from his bed because he feels too sick or can’t move very well. For these kinds of situations, you will need mobile veterinary services.

We have a mobile veterinarian with a mobile clinic who can bring our veterinary equipment and supplies wherever they are needed. He can address the vet service needs of residents in our practice area. This kind of service is especially beneficial to those who cannot bring their pets to the vet clinic.

Veterinarian put protective cone to jack russel terrier
Veterinarian examining jack russell terrier with stethoscope
Veterinarian examining jack russell terrier with stethoscope
Veterinarian put protective cone to jack russel terrier

Services from a Mobile Vet Clinic

Our mobile vets go directly to the houses of the owners of the pets that require their services. Since our mobile clinic is complete with the equipment and medicine that our vets need, we are able to provide the home veterinary care required to treat sick pets or at least make them well enough to be taken to a pet hospital or clinic.

  • Basic pet care and treatment procedures – our house call vet can visit your pet to see how he is doing and if he needs further vet treatment. Our mobile vets have the basic tools, medicines, and other pet supplies for primary pet care.
  • Emergency pet care – like emergency medical responders our vets can rush to your home in case your pet needs emergency care. If your pet requires surgery or is injured too badly, our mobile pet vet can stabilize the condition of your pet to buy him some time to get the proper treatment. Once the pet is stabilized, he will be transported to a facility where he can be given further treatment.
  • Other services –during vet house calls, our vets can perform services that include birthing, consultation, rabies treatment, and other types of simple mobile vet care services. Things like grooming, vaccination, spay/neuter services and micro chipping are also sometimes offered by mobile pet vets. Some pet vets offer palliative care for your pet if he’s suffering too much. This makes it easier for you to lay them down to rest as you will no longer need to transport your pet from pet hospital to your home. Some vets offer this service while others don’t.

While our mobile pet clinic generally provides on-call services, we cannot help you if you simply need someone to watch your pets. We do not render pet day care services or pet walking services. We also do not have a pet storage facility that will allow you to leave your pet in our care while you are away.

Home Vet Service vs Mobile Vet Service

Some vehicles that our mobile vets use are similar to ambulance and paramedic vehicles. They have their own power generators already installed in case of emergencies. These can power the lights and medical equipment contained inside the vehicles. The kind of vehicle and equipment that these vets have and use make their services more expensive than those vets who render home services using their personal cars instead of mobile clinics.

Taking care of your pet’s health is your responsibility as a pet owner. You have to be ready to exert the effort and cover the expense involved in doing so. Your pet is part of your family, sharing in your happiness and keeping you company when you are sad. When they need immediate care, our mobile vets are in your area and are ready to help him get better. Find out what services we have at our mobile vet clinic. You can get our contact number so you can easily call us the next time you have a pet emergency.

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