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Mobile Vet in Maine Area

Vets on Wheels to Save the Day

Mobile Vet in Maine

Family pets are more than simply your best friends, they are considered members of the family. Sometimes, they’re the dependable thing you can have in life. Pets can render a source of moral support, therefore assisting to improve their owner’s sense of well-being and happiness. Much like the human members of your family, they too require appropriate care. You have to care for not only their health, but their basic grooming needs also.

Bringing them to a veterinarian clinic routinely is a necessary part of owning a household pet. Neglecting their health and forgetting to bring them to the veterinarian may amount to a much shorter life expectancy for your cherished canine or feline. A lot of people have a great deal of love for their animals that, like them, they make sure they are lively and healthy as well. Nevertheless, some vet centers in Maine are far and not easily reachable.

We Come To You!

Pet owners have to squeeze in a visit with a veterinarian in their tight schedules, however even if one finds the right time, an appointment for that particular time slot might not be fixed. Veterinarians operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. Chances are you and your household pets will be set up much, much later. Imagine how devastating this can be if you understand in your heart your pet is in need of instant medical attention. There is also the need to travel from your place to the veterinarian center. This is quite troublesome if you are sharing a transport with somebody and you do not usually have access to it.

In many cases, your animal itself can make it hard for you to bring it to the veterinarian, especially if it is rather affected or ill. These, nevertheless, shouldn’t prevent you from having a veterinarian examine your family pets.

We appreciate how crucial your family pet is to you, and so we provide mobile veterinary services in Maine.

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Veterinarian Services on Wheels for Maine Residents

If you’re from Maine or in surrounding areas and you’re trying to find help with your pet’s grooming and health care needs, we’re here to help. With a mobile veterinarian clinic, you can easily call us. Once you do, we will drive to your house. Simply stay calm, and we’ll be there in no time.

Our movable services were introduced specifically to assist Georgia residents with their family pet emergencies. There’s no need to waste time, resources and energy! You can just simply wait in the house, relax and reduce the distress of your pet brought about by making a journey.

If your family pet gets uneasy or takes a very long time to become comfortable riding in a car, don’t fret. The mobile veterinarian clinic is the best solution for them. This way, you do not have to go through the difficulty of getting your pet all set for a vet appointment. All you have to do is to keep your family pets at ease as they wait for the vet to turn up.

Some pet owners who have health problems or are housebound can definitely find it tough to make the journey to the vet, especially if they don’t have a vehicle or have to share one with other individuals. We are here to help and make it easy for you. No need for you to go to our vet center. With our mobile vet services, we are now on hand to offer vet solutions to Maine residents.

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Exactly What to Expect from our Maine Mobile Pet Clinic

Our mobile clinic is hygienic, sanitized and uplifting. It is geared up with everything that you’ll need for your beloved pets. You will experience as if you’re in an actual stationary center, but feel great in a moving one just because here, you are given complete attention and allowed to ask your questions freely.

We have quality medications, hydrated drinks, antibiotics, deworming syrups and vaccination shots, along with dextrose supplies and syringes. We also have the appropriate grooming kit for your beloved pets.

Our mobile clinic is managed by certified experts, and headed by a mobile animal veterinarian. Our mobile vet is licensed by the state and will be able to provide your beloved pet with the care that they require. He can even execute urgent surgical treatment since the mobile station has surgical equipment.

Not to metion we have an edge. We go right to where you are, saving you from troubles associated with bringing your beloved dogs or cats to a clinic.

Call Us (866) 760-1461

Portland - South Portland, ME Metro Area

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Allow Us to Be of Service to You.

Our Maine mobile vet clinic is an on-call service that arrives at your home when you contact us. We offer on-call services from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily. You can contact our center in between those times.

Our micro-chipping services are very beneficial for people with wily household pets. We know how some dogs and pets are more free-spirited and by microchipping them, you can let them keep their spirit while making certain that you can track them if you need to.

Our mobile veterinarian clinic also assists in disease prevention. Regular assessment will make prompt detection of health problems possible. This is specifically essential for owners who have pups or those who take care of breeds vulnerable to number of health concerns.

Pet owners are susceptible of contracting zoonotic illness. Our veterinarian can educate you about such diseases, and give specific advice to stay clear of them. You will likewise be offered practical tips on the best ways to properly take care of your precious pet.

Hold On! There’s More!

Your pet may struggle with dehydration and fatigue, and these can be deadly. Regardless of how responsible you might be in caring for your household pets, there are some things that are entirely beyond your control like infection, hemorrhage, and ailments.

If your household pet is revealing evidences of lethargy, restlessness, uneasiness, lifelessness, hostility, or any odd habits, there might be something amiss. Contact us. You and your pet can simply sit down and await us to arrive. At this moment, the best option is to keep your dog or your cat relax and hydrated. We will help your pets feel better, and address whatever health condition they may be suffering.

Having a mobile animal vet in Maine is truly an innovative means to making pet care accessible to everyone around the city. We are no different from you, your pet’s life and well-being is key to us. You could spare your beloved pet a great deal of pain and discomfort if you promptly get the services of our mobile vet clinic. Our crew is always on hand to assist.

Our mobile veterinarian professional services are formed to accommodate various type of household pet issues. Whether it is minor or complex, we will deal with it.

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Mobile Vet in Maine Area

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Mobile Veterinarian Make Pets Pleased

Animals age faster than people, which is the sad truth. Their overall health condition could quickly change in just a short few months. If the pets are in high spirit, the owners are happy too! We at the mobile vet facility can deliver that for you.

Our whole group of veterinarians and staff are devoted to preserving your family pet’s well-being. A lot of grateful pet lovers have actually benefited from our professional services. So can you. You can be sure that we will go the extra mile, if needed, to assist your family pet.

One checkup may not be sufficient to restore your family pet’s overall health. We may recommend follow-up visits based on the condition of your pet and his treatment program, along with our clinic schedule.

We are always on standby to assist you and other household pet owners. In case one number is engaged, do not panic. You can always call our other hotlines. Contact us today and let us assist you and your pets.

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