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Prior to our Mobile Pet Vet Visit

Some people shun away from calling for a mobile vet clinic because they feel that they can bring their pet to the vet themselves or that the home vet service does not carry enough equipment to treat their pets. Both reasons are valid but what if the pet cannot be moved because moving him might cause greater pain and worsen his condition? In this case, choosing a mobile vet to care for a pet that cannot be brought to a clinic or a pet hospital can sometimes save his life.

When you choose to avail of the services of our mobile veterinarian, there are some things you can do to make the visit productive. Here are some things you need to prepare or do prior to our mobile pet vet visit:

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Gather As Much Information About Your Pet As You Can

The first thing that our mobile vets will ask you upon their arrival would be the condition of your pet and what happened to him during the last 24 hours. Try to recall all the events as much as possible down to the last detail. It helps to write down the events in case you have a hard time trying to remember.

The vet from our mobile veterinary services might also ask you about vaccines that your pet has been given in the last few months. Be sure to keep those records readily available. Prepare the documents before our vet arrives if possible. He might also ask you about your pet’s habits, diet, and exercise if any. All the information you provide will help our vet evaluate the situation and determine how to treat your pet.

Have A Power Outlet Available

Our mobile pet clinic vehicles are much like those used by paramedics and emergency medical personnel. They have their own power source or generator on board to power the equipment in the vehicle. However, there are times where they might still need to have access to another power source and you do not want to be fumbling around and thinking about which appliances to unplug when this happens. Be ready with extension cords and power adapters as well. This will save you time and allow you to keep your attention on your pet during our vet visit.

Prepare A Sterile Place Where Our Vet Can Check Your Pet

If it is possible to move your pet even for a few yards just to get him to a sterile location, try to do that. If pets cannot be moved, try your best to sterilize the area that he is in. In case our house call vet needs to perform emergency surgery or something similar, he will already have a clean place to work his magic.

Find out What You Can Do Before the Arrival of Home Veterinary Care Personnel

While you are talking to our mobile vet care service provider on the phone, ask them if there is anything you can do to help ease your pet’s pain. Check with our representative what you can do to make the vet’s visit easier.

Keep People Away From Your Pet

The rest of the family may be anxious to find out how their beloved pet is doing. They would often crowd around the pet while the vet is doing his work. This does not help the vet at all. Keep well-meaning family members away from the vet to give him room and to ensure that the space where your pet is located will remain sterile.

Provide Adequate Lighting

Get a flashlight, a lamp or any handheld light ready in case our vet needs it. If the vet has to check a pet that’s outside while it is nighttime he may need more light to see what is wrong with the pet clearly.

You have very little time to prepare especially when it comes to emergency situations. Knowing these tips will help you get ready for your vet house calls quickly.

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