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How Much Does a Mobile Vet Cost?

When you own a pet, being able to care for them at every necessary moment is absolutely essential. However, for many people, making that long and time-consuming trek to the veterinarian’s office can seem downright impossible. This is why so many people are now turning to mobile vets to get their pets the care and treatment they need. However, while there can be no doubt that these veterinarians make life much more convenient, people can often wonder whether or not that ease is really worth the cost of a mobile veterinarian. Here’s what you need to know about how much does a mobile vet cost and what you’ll most likely end up paying for this time-saving service today.

What Are the Basic Mobile Vet Prices?

When you call a mobile veterinary service, you are literally having a trained and highly-qualified vet come directly to your home to care for your pets without having to inconvenience yourself or putting your pet through any of the stress that comes with visiting the office. While this may seem incredibly convenient for you and your family, it can often make things a bit more difficult for the veterinarian. This means that there will be an extra in-home visiting charge that’s automatically put in place. Depending on where you live and the distance they need to travel, this can often end up being anywhere from a $50 to $75 charge for house visits.

However, if you live on a farm, you should expect to pay a little bit more. Vets usually charge around $100 for farm visits simply because the amount and type of equipment they’ll need to bring along with them can be more of a challenge.

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What Would a Checkup Cost?

Generally speaking, if you’re looking for a basic checkup for your pet, you shouldn’t expect to pay much more than the standard home-visit fee. Of course, a vet will charge for certain services such as nail trimming, which could cost you around $10 or an ear cleaning which could end up being closer to $15. However, if your pet is already in great health and you’re just hoping to make sure that everything seems to be in order, you should expect to pay much more than that. If you’re concerned about mobile vet cost, you can always call a mobile vet near you ahead of time and ask what their standard rates and fees are. There’s nothing wrong with asking for an approximation.

What About Vaccinations or Microchipping?

Most pet parents understand how important it is to stay up to date with vaccines and how important microchipping your pet will be for their overall safety. However, finding the time to get down to the vet’s office to get these things taken care of can be a nightmare. Mobile vet services can help you provide this care to your beloved pets without having to spend those few hours waiting in a vet’s office and all for a relatively affordable price.

In addition to your in-home visiting fee, you should expect to pay around $45 to $50 for microchipping, which is a great price for permanent peace of mind. Vaccinations, on the other hand, can vary in terms of price just like they would in the veterinary office. One-year rabies vaccines will cost around $10. However, other house-pet vaccines can cost anywhere from $40 to $50 depending on the type.

Can You Neuter Your Pet at Home?

Luckily, yes you can. This solution can be perfect for busy pet owners or extremely anxious animals. However, many pet parents find themselves wondering how much do mobile vets cost to neuter or spay their pet at home. It really depends on the type of pet you want to have taken care of, as well as their size. Typically, cats will cost around $50 or $100 in addition to the standard fees, depending on whether or not the service is being performed on male or female cats.

Smaller dogs, generally under 50 pounds will probably cost around $125 for males and $150 for females, while larger dogs over that limit can actually end up costing closer to $150 or $200 accordingly. You’ll definitely want to check with your particular provider ahead of time so that you can be sure that the in-home option is the best for you as you’ll need to worry about the aftercare as well.

How Much Would it Cost to Get an at-Home or Mobile Vet X-Ray?

Modern technology has made it possible for vets to perform digital radiology right in the comfort of your own home, which can be amazing, especially when you have a pet that’s in an extreme amount of pain. The actual mobile vet cost for this service will typically depend on the number of different views that are taken at the time. If your pet only needs one view to quickly pinpoint the problem, then you can expect to spend somewhere around $85 to $100. However, if you need three or more slides, you will easily end up having to pay close to $200 or more.

Putting Your Pet Down at Home

For all pet owners, the moment they have to finally say goodbye to their beloved pet can be one of the most difficult moments imaginable. However, being able to do so in the comfort of your own home where your pet feels most at peace can make a world of difference in that regard. However, how much do mobile vets charge for this particular service will vary dramatically depending on the type of animal and its size.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $115 to $225 or more if your animal is particularly large. This is mainly due to the amount of medication that will be required to ensure things are done properly. However, for many owners, the idea of letting go of their companion in this safe and comfortable space rather than a cold and alarming vet’s office makes it worth the price.

Does the Type of Animal Make a Difference?

At the end of the day, the type of pet you have, as well as their overall size, will dramatically affect the final price of mobile veterinary services. This is because a larger animal such as a horse or a pig will be much more difficult for a vet to handle in an at-home setting than something smaller such as a cat or a puppy. However, regardless of the size of animal, they need to be looked after. All your pets deserve the high-quality care that these experienced professionals can provide. Make sure you get in touch with any of our mobile vet near you today to see how we can help make you and your pet’s lives easier.

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